Life insurance


Just like in the countries with long tradition in life insurance policies, which are bought in the banks by the majority of their population (e.g. in Spain 73%, Italy and France over 60% of the population), RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad offers to our citizens life insurance policies of our renowned insurance company DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o. at the bank’s outlets.


  • Because of the fact that stipulating life insurance policy, you invest in your and your family safety, and at the same time you make a rational investment in your future.
  • Because the sum insured, together with the calculated profit, is always paid entirely to the insured in the event of the expiry of the contract, or to the beneficiary in the event of the insured’s death.


  • Life insurance can be stipulated in dinars or in dinars with foreign currency clause (in euros, Swiss francs or USA dollars)
  • Insurance premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or through a single payment.


The policies are available, on most favourable conditions, at the majority of 110 business units of RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad.

RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad is well aware that future of contemporary banks, like some modern financial supermarkets, is reflected in their ability to offer fresh and high grade financial products and services. Thus, it is the first bank to have life, endowment and credit risk insurance policies of a renowned insurer, DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o, on its offer.

Be in credit – Welcome to RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE!

The program of endowment insurance is intended for those who make plans for their future - it provides both complete insurance protection and safe and simple investment of their funds. It also guarantees the payment of the sum insured together with calculated profit either to the insured upon the expiry of the insurance contract or to the beneficiary in the event of the insured’s death.

Example of endowment insurance policy with additional accident policy:



2.The insured's age at entry

35 years

35 years

3.Insurance period

20 years

20 years

4.Annual premium

EUR 600

EUR 600

5.Sum insured

EUR 13.716,00

EUR 13.716,00




*Average annual profit over last 6 years – 18.10%
Additional accident policy:
1.Annual premium

EUR 36

2.Sum insured for death

EUR 9.000

3.Sum insured for disability

EUR 18.000

DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o. life insurance policies open up the opportunity to provide for your own safety the safety of your family through planned investment of your funds.