About Us

RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE is the first choice of commercial entities and citizens, with its highest level of social responsibility, sustainable development and achievement of interest of shareholders, clients and the Bank’s employees.

RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a. d. Novi Sad – as of 17, May 2010, this is the full business name of the Bank. Pursuant to the Decision of the Shareholders Assembly, the issuing of regular shares was successfully realised in July 2009, whereby the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina reached the status of the majority owner with 61.9% of share, by increasing stock capital.

By joining the potentials with the funds whose founder was the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, which was initiated by executing the agreement with the Development Fund and the Guarantee Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE met all the prerequisites for securing important financial incentive to the projects which are important for the development of the Province.Virtually, this determined the Bank’s business orientation, which is the financing of the development and infrastructure projects.

RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE is corporately recognisable for its reliability and efficacy as an institution whose flexibility is determined by the clients’ special needs, and which stands out among the competition by the client-bank relationship and its market activity, with all due respect to the supposition of adjusting the business with the current and expected market changes.

The main strategies of RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE are:

  1. the development functions of the Bank (active loan policy, acquisition – client portfolio increase)
  2. business goals at the level of organisation units
  3. optimising of business network
  4. upgrading the deposit potential and providing other financing sources through co-operation with domestic development and international financial institutions, and
  5. collection of due claims

RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE is registered for doing all kids of foreign currency operations, including foreign loan operations – the so-calledlarge authorisation. The Bank does payment operations with over 140 foreign correspondent banks. The Bank performs the following operations: deposit, loan, foreign currency and exchange operations, issuing of shares, cash cards, custodianship, mediating and trading in securities, guarantees operations, payment operations, claims collection, broker-dealer operations and other financial services. RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE is an authorised agent in mediation of selling insurance policies, which is realised in the conditions of strategic co-operation with DDOR Novi Sad a.d.o. The Bank also possesses custody operations licence.

There is no development without a firm financial support! Therefore, we offer to the clients modern, and financial needs friendly products with the best possible quality service.