Broker Dealer Services

RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad is a member of the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House and of Belgrade Stock Exchange. We are authorised to conduct broker-dealer operations. The Securities Commission granted the Bank a licence to perform the following tasks:

1. Brokerage;
2. Dealer transactions;
3. Market maker operations and
4. Issuing agent operations

The Custodian performs the following tasks for the clients:
• opening and maintaining securities accounts for legal owners of such securities;
• opening and maintaining purchase accounts for trading in securities;
• settling based on securities trading;
• opening issuing accounts, outstanding securities, mortgage accounts and repo accounts;
• transferring securities by the decision on succession, court decisions, pledges and so on;
• organising a takeover offer for shares of a joint-stock company based on which the Bank obtains at least 25% of voting shares;
• mediating in trading in securities on the stock exchange list and off-market (broker operations);
• operating as a corporate agent.