Dinar Payment Operations

The following dinar payment operations are promptly and precisely performed by the bank:

  • Opening of current and other types of accounts
  • Receipt of a daily cash turnover and other cash payments
  • All kinds of cash payments
  • Realisation of cash and non-cash payments within domestic payment operations
  • Realisation of cash and non-cash inter-bank operations
  • Forced collection for clients, and based on instruments of payment insurance such as promissory notes and authorizations
  • All services via electronic payment operations
  • Credit card payments
  • Realisation of cheques
  • Reports on current account balance and account turnover
  • Reports on an account balance and account turnover on a daily basis
  • Issuance of all kinds of statements, account balance statement, cumulative turnover statement etc. on a client's request
  • Prompt, efficient and reliable information about all regulations regarding payment operations and other financial activities

All these operations are performed within the whole bank business network of branches and offices, regardless of the unit where a client opened an account. All payment orders are realised immediately after they have been submitted.