Manage your account without going to the bank

RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad offers e-banking services to all interested citizens who want to make financial transactions without going to the bank.

What is homEbank?

homEbank is a special Bank service which enables you to manage your money on your account by means of a computer, following certain procedures. You can get information about your account balance via e-mail, SMS or the answering machine. There are two services:


  • Because homEbank works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Because you can access you account regardless of your location.
  • Because of lower commissions for money transfers.
  • Because you can get information about all your accounts and account balances without going to the Bank.


In three steps:

    • Take the application form at the bank outlet or download it from the web site of RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad.
    • Download the Contract – two copies, signed by the account holder.
    • Upon filling in the form, hand it in at the nearest retail office of RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad.
    • Wait for the call from the Bank to receive your password activation code and start using the service provided with constant technical support.

Services offered

  • Internet banking – web application.
  • Inspecting your transactions
    Payments to registered recipients.
  • Text message notifications
    Text message notifications
    Text message for account balance at the scheduled time
    Text message notification of a payment larger than the one you specify
    Text message for account balance:
    • Send STANJERBV at 1333 - Halcom users logged via the service center
    • Send SALDO at: 065/3332470 or 063/333247 for users of the service center 24x7.rs


At any of 74 organisational units of RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad.

Security and protection

Using e-banking services enables maximal security of your data and prevention from unauthorized access. We use the latest encryption technology for protection.

Terms for users of homEbank service

A current account opened with RAZVOJNA BANKA VOJVODINE a.d. Novi Sad


homEbank service is additionally charged within the tariff for managing a current account in accordance with the Bank current tariffs. The fee for electronic account balance is charged when the order is realised, according to the applicable tariffbookof the Bank.

Useful information:

  • For all the necessary technical information, call our help centre (+381) 21 4884780 or email us at e-bank@rbv.rs every working day from 8 AM and 4 PM.
  • For HALCOM users of service centre (+381) 011 30 32 432 working days from 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, helpdesk@halcom.rs;
  • For Asseco 24x7 users of service centre (+381) 11 2013 131 working days from 8 AM and 8PM, helpdesk@24x7.rs