Savings Month Donation

11. 11. 2011.

President of the Executive Board of Razvojna banka Vojvodine, Biljana Jovanović, presented a computer to the tenants of Dom Veternik home on the occasion of the Savings Month. The tenants had their pictures taken on the “Anka and Rale” board for children’s savings in the yard of the pavilion. Afterwards there was a chance to express creativity through prepared materials for art workshop for the topic of savings in the pavilion where there are five workshops.

Seeing as the tenants have a developed awareness of savings and that they have saved on many occasions so as to buy themselves a TV or go to an outing or to the seaside, they easily thought of how to draw their savings story. To that occasion, children, young people and adults are going to make useful and practical products in tailor workshop for embroidery, knitting, weaving in the polyvalent workshop, where working therapy is conducted.

Jovanović’s words were that Razvojna banka Vojvodine will continue, as up to now, to help this institute. She announced sales exhibition of the work of the tenants of Dom Veternik home, which is going to be organised by the Bank soon.

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